It's Miller Time

Good morning brothers and sisters who fight for
dignity and a liveable working working wage for
the workers in this great world of ours.

As we all can see, GM/Delphi has slapped our faces
again with the latest rounds of concessionary offers.
They throw up front money offers to the workers
while they are actually cutting our throats and dividing
the membership.

Where does our UAW IEB stand in the latest round
of concessionary offers? SILENCE! We deserve better
than this from our paid representatives and it's about
time that we fired them for "dereliction of duty".

I'm real curious to see if they will offer this latest
cut throat, demeaning, laughable concessionary offer
to the membership. One really has to wonder why they
didn't go public and denounce the offer. SILENCE!

We must remember that they are using a lot of interest
money from the strike fund to keep their lifestyles while
the membership suffers. They seem to want to keep their
lifestyles while selling out the membership with concessions.

It's way past time that we take control of our lives. We
need representation and accountability for that representation.
The GM/Delphi's of the world must be taken to account for
the RAPE that they are trying to force on the workers.

We can take control of our destiny if we want to. It will
be a tough road to hoe, but what choice do we really have?
Concessions are not an option. Strikes are. Why are we so
afraid to stand up and be heard? Are we the generation
that will sell off future generations way of life? Is this what
today's workers are made of?

I know that the working person in today's work environment
is confused and doesn't know who to believe or not to believe.
I also know that today's working force will fight when they
are backed into a corner. What they really need is hope. If
we can show them hope, then they will ROAR.

They must understand that "WE ARE THE WORKERS, THE
MIGHTY MIGHTY WORKERS" and use the VOICE to denounce
the RAPE of the workers of the world. They will fight when
they have to. It's Miller time! It's almost time to STRIKE.

With or without the UAW IEB boards approval the strike
will have to happen after the bought and paid for courts
decertify the union. Then we will show the world what we
STAND FOR. No target strikes. We will shut everything
down and our VOICE will be heard.

If the UAW IEB is afraid to do what has to done, then they
had better step aside and we will show them how to do it.
They can't continue to play on both sides of the fence and
expect the membership to follow their cowardly ways. We
know what has to be done and we will do it.


              In Solidarity
              John Goschka
              Local 699 Retiree