Lest we forget

Top GM officials finally took a pay cut???? The dividend to the shareholders has finally been cut (now a 4.3 percent dividend). This was all done very quickly at a board meeting at GM.

As I have seen in past actions, what has been done by these board members can be undone just as fast. Bonuses can make up the differences in pay cuts. Will the pay cuts last for a year? Is it their plan to brainwash us into taking concessions? I just don't know for sure but past history directs my thoughts.

What I do know is that concessions from workers have never created jobs. Does the top GM management now think that they are leaders? I would say that they are followers - followers with evil intentions. They know that they can get back their outrageous pay just as fast as they gave it up. Why didn't they make it a permanent pay cut? Are they so naïve that they think that I believe that they won't get their outrageous pay back?

Any concession that is given will be gone. If we want it back we will have to fight for it. We don't have the option of just sitting down and giving it back to ourselves as the top GM management does for their so called pay cuts. Will the top GM management agree to restore our sacrafices when they restore theirs. LOL!!! I don't think so. We are playing a game of cards where the deck is stacked. We must read through this brainwash and stay the course in which we are headed. Management will try any and all kinds of trickery to put the lion back into its cage. The lion is still roaring (VOICE) and they don't like it one bit. If we allow them to quiet the lion they will pursue their course on destroying the workers of the world. My VOICE will be heard. I'm finally getting that VOICE back which was lost for so many years and I want it to be heard. What about you? Are you enjoying your VOICE as much as I am mine? ROAR fellow SOS members, ROAR. The world is finally starting to hear our VOICE. I'm PROUD of each and everyone of you and PROUD to be a part of OUR movement.

                        In Solidarity
                        John Goschka
                        Local 699 Retiree