Shoemakers speech

I was just reading Shoemakers comments on where the UAW stands in negoations with GM and Delphi. He is talking about buyouts and flowback rights to GM.

In one of his last statements he mentions that SOME Delphi workers could transfer back to GM and then retire to a secure GM pension and retirement benefits.

Mr. Shoemaker, I would state the FACTS that we all had a secure GM retirement until YOU and the UAW IEB gave it away. I had 34 years with GM and YOU gave GM the right to tell me to retire or else I would retire under a Delphi contract. I wasn't ready to retire and YOU sold all of the GM workers out at Delphi with YOUR negotations. You and the UAW IEB sold us out with the contract HIGHLIGHTS. You never told the TRUTH nor informed me on the contract LOWLIGHTS. And now you double talk the Delphi workers with "SOME could receive GM retirement benefits". I would only ask you to tell the TRUTH for once Mr. Shoemaker. When you say SOME, how many is SOME? Why not all? We earned it and YOU sold us out.

If my memory serves me correctly, YOUR contract states that our accrued years of service falls under the Delphi contract. If we flow back to GM then only those years that we work for GM AFTER we return will be covered by GM. How is my memory Mr. Shoemaker? If my memory is good, then I would ask YOU if YOU have written a new contract that I know nothing about? Was there another LOWLIGHTS that I missed?

I'm sick and tired of YOU and our UAW IEB using double talk to mislead the membership. YOU and the politicans have taught me well on how to recgonize double talk and half truths. Do you know what real TRUTH is? Can YOU speak the real TRUTH to us? Are you GM's spokesman or a UAW representative? I would state my case that you are a GM spokesman. Why else would YOU try to decieve this ONCE GREAT UNION of ours? Why would YOU try to deceive this membership?

YOU taught me well Mr. Shoemaker. I ONCE trusted in YOU and our UAW IEB to protect me and to look out for my best interests. I trusted in YOU and YOU have failed me. I don't want any more double talk or half truths from YOU or our UAW IEB. If you can't tell me the TRUTH then I will find someone who can!!!! WE ARE THE WORKERS, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY WORKERS, LISTEN TO WHAT WE SAY OR THERE'LL BE HELL TO PAY.

               In Solidarity
               John Goschka
               Local 699 retiree