The workers of Delphi

Brothers and sisters of this great nation. We have
been granted another reprieve on the decertification
of our union here at Delphi.

I would ask each and every one of you on what thoughts
are going through your minds right now. Thankfullness?
Hopefullness? Tired of it? What's next? Maybe everything
will be O.K.? We still have a chance? GM's going to get other
suppliers on line and stockpile more parts? I have no answer.

You know that you have to be ready to go on strike at any
given time. No matter what, you must be prepared to strike.
Hopefully this won't happen but you must be prepared for it.

I will remind you that all of your pension time is under Delphi's
responsibility. Even if you transfer back to GM the years that
you have accrued for retirement is Delphi's responsibility. You
will have to put 30 years in at GM after you transfer there
to be able to receive a full GM pension.

GM's guarentee to cover our pensions is until the 2007 contract
negotiations. If there are no forthcoming guarentees in a contract
that GM will cover our pensions after we retire, then we will be under
the (Hatchet's) Miller's bankruptcy ways after that.

Then we must ask ourselves that if GM does guarentee our
pensions until we retire, will we accept it and sell out the new
two tier wage workers? These are questions that could be
facing you in the near future.

Sell out the two tier wage earner to protect our GM pension
if it comes to that? I can't vote on that one because I'm retired.
I could tell you how I would vote but I won't. YOU will decide.

We all have a conscience and different life styles that will
influence our decision. Protect ourselves, or defend our
brothers and sisters. This is one hell of a decision isn't it?

I want to give you time to think about this just in case
you do have to make this decision. YOU will have to
decide and we will all have to live with that decision.

Many of the decisions that we have to make in our lives
are dreaded and difficult ones. The decisions are even
harder when they affect other lives.

The above scenario that I have presented may or may not
happen. All that I would suggest is that it might happen and
if it does, you will have time to think about how you will vote.

             In Solidarity
             John Goschka
             Local 699 Retiree