Two Tier

Good morning brothers and sisters of the once
proud and great union that we employed to protect
our rights and dignity in this great world that we
live in.

My mind seems to be very active today so I thought
that I'd share some of those thoughts that opinions
that are bouncing around in my head. My thoughts
will be on two tier and the corruption that abounds
within our once proud UAW IEB.

First of all, we know what has happened with two
tier working wages within our factories. Our union
has been effectively split down the middle since
THEY (the UAW IEB) snuck in the two tier wage
system. The older workers are frustrated and take
buyouts when they are offered. The younger workers
are scared and REALLY have very little union rep-
resentation within their workplace. As we will see,
this UAW IEB mentality will soon have a more profound
affect on retirees in the future.

The UAW IEB has effectively set up a bureaucracy
in which they don't have to listen to the membership.
When they want a contact passed, they will come
out of hiding and bully the membership to get it
passed. After their dirty deed is done, then they will
return to their safe havens.

Well, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, we now have more added
to our two tier retirement system. Two tier? Yes, I'm
sure that I stated that correctly. The UAW IEB retirees
have two retirement checks and one is protected with a
cost of living allowance. We will soon have VEBA for
our health insurance coverage and "THE GOOD OLD
BOYS" will still have company paid health insurance with
NO DEDUCTIBLES. Not only that, but they have dental and
eyeglass coverage with no co-pay. Prescriptions? Full
coverage with no co-pay. Did I say two tier? Yes, that's
what I said.

Our elected government officials won't have social
security or the same health care coverage in retirement
that they will soon jam down our throats. Why? Because
they have something much better!!! They can't live with
what we have to live with. They have something much better!!!
Our UAW IEB has learned well from our government. "WE
This is wrong!! We hired these thugs to protect us. Now,
we can't even talk to them. One of our own was given
the title as "MAN OF THE YEAR". What a fraud!! Sell the
membership "down the river" and receive this special

We are still on our way to the bottom. If there is no
decent health care reform, then the race for the bottom
will speed up again. VEBA? It's a joke in my opinion. As
the companies continue to move overseas, there are less
and less workers paying into the fund. Did the great UAW
IEB say that it would last for 80 years? Lies!! Nothing but
lies!! I give it 15 years at the most and I believe that WE
will be paying more into it unless we have decent health
care reform. Just my thoughts.

We will gain nothing unless we fight for it. Our losses are
ever mounting. Are we ready to fight????

In Solidarity
John Goschka
Local 699 retiree