Good morning to the movement which will
bring back the VOICE of the workers and
retirees in this great world of ours.

I have a little personal problem that I would
like to share with all of you and I hope that
all of you can understand and relate to my

In many of the great writings that I have been
seeing and reading over the last couple of weeks
I'm seeing our UAW IEB referred to as "leaders".

I know that this is something that we all have had
pounded into our brains over the last 20 or so
years but I feel that we must make every attempt
to use the terminology of REPRESENTATIVES when
referring to our UAW officials.

Please help this retiree out as much as possible. I
just cringe when I hear or see our UAW officials
referred to as "leaders".

My feelings are that we have to make a conscience
effort to reverse this term of "leaders" that has been
driven at us for such a long period of time. We should
always refer to them as REPRESENTATIVES and force
the correct terminology back at them.

When talking to the workers on the floor we must
stress the awareness that the union serves us as
representatives. If we can blot out the use of "leaders"
the people will understand that leadership is at the
floor level.

When the workers understand that they are the leaders
more of their VOICES will be heard.

I thank all of my brothers and sisters in this great
movement for listening to MY problem and I hope
that you can help this retiree out.

                In Solidarity
                John Goschka
                Local 699 Retiree