Wake Up and Hear our Voices

Hi. I have no idea what happened to the postings but I do want
to comment on some of your comments about how the SOS is
just an arm of the UAW and connected to the UAW.

I am a UAW retiree and a dissident? spokesman with the SOS.
The UAW will not hear my VOICE so I do use that VOICE freely
here to try to WAKE UP the workers and retirees of the world
and hope that they will FIGHT while there is still time.

The connection that we have to the UAW is that we are members
of that ONCE GREAT union that has gone astray. We FIGHT for
justice in a system that at the present time allows us no justice.
The UAW will not hear our VOICE, the corporations are corrupt
and the courts and politicans have been bought and paid for.

I am a God fearing person who has never been in trouble with
the law. But, my convictions on what's happening to the workers
and that outright corruption that is being thrown in our faces
may allow me to get into trouble with the law in order to straighten
this whole mess out.

I know many of the people who are members of the SOS and
indeed they are fine people who are willing to spend their time
and money to stop this RAPE that is happening today. They
have one VOICE the same as you and me. Whether they are
workers or retirees  they all have the same goal in this mess

We are all commited to that same goal. When one brother or
sisters face gets slapped, all of our faces have been slapped.
We gain what the workers gain - pride and respect. A VOICE
that can be heard.

Our mission is a very tough one and is dependent on the VOICE
of the workers and retirees. If those VOICES can be awakened
and united then our goals can be accomplished. It will be a
fierce BATTLE but a BATTLE that we can and will WIN.

A VOICE can be silenced only if we allow that to happen. Will
we walk the protest or picket lines when called upon to do so?
Will we hand out fliers to our brothers and sisters and stay
humble when union officials kick us off company property? Will
we take over and live in company buildings if need be?

These are some of the questions that each and every one of
us must ask ourselves. Are we commited? Will we risk jail time
to FIGHT for what we know is right? Will we spend our time and
our money to FIGHT.

This is a BATTLE that we will WIN if we can commit ourselves
to it. And, we must understand that that commitment may lead
to hardships in our lives whether we are workers or retirees. Are
we up to it?

I am a retiree with over 39 years of service to GM/Delphi. I have
been on strikes for long periods of time and know what the hard-
ships involve. I could just forget about this whole mess and go on
with my life. But, I choose not to do so. It's time to WAKE UP THE
WORLD AND CHANGE IT. I can't do this, but WE can. Are YOU up
to it?

                 In Solidarity
                 John Goschka
                 Local 699 Retiree