Good morning hero's of the workers of America and the world. Judge Drain has made his ruling on the bonuses for the tyrants that brought our great company into bankruptcy. He has ruled that these tyrants will receive bonuses once the company comes out of bankruptcy. Management can bankrupt their companies and then receive bonuses when they screw the workers, retirees, stockholders, and on and on. What a deal for management. The courts give them their blessing in doing this. We don't stand a chance in the courts. Management has bought and paid for the judges. They think that our hands are tied.

As I've mentioned before, we messed up big time by not supporting the PATCO workers in the 80's. I believe that was the start to what's happening to the workers in America and the world today. Then came the free trade???? agreements. Now everything was in place. The workers wouldn't unite and take a stand with the PATCO workers (weakness), the courts were bought and paid for and the companies could now at will move our jobs overseas.

Now we come to the quickening on the destruction of the workers and retirees. Management has now seen how easy it is to bring us to our knees. Divide and conquer. Pick us off one at a time. This has been a slow process but now that management has seen how it works, their greed is quickening our destruction. All of the stories are the same. The pattern to our destruction is set and the greedy management is jumping on the bandwagon. THIS IS TRUTH! We can see it in our daily lives.

In the last few years it has been my friends and neighbors who have been robbed of their dignity and livelihoods. Now it's my turn. Tomorrow it will be someone elses turn. Do not deceive yourselves any longer. This is going to happen to YOU unless we unite to stop it now. This is the BATTLE that can and will determine your and my future. We can stop this slaughter right here and now. Can we afford to wait until its your turn? The pattern is there and management is jumping on the bandwagon. The quickening is here. The greed and corruption is right in front of our eyes. Do we see it? Or will we wait until its our turn to get RAPED. This is a decision that we must all make. Can we afford to wait until its our turn to face the steamroller????

It certainally looks like we will be facing a strike in the very near future. Towers Automotive will also be facing a strike shortly after the courts rule on decertifying our unions. These two strikes can shut GM, Ford and a lot of other car companies down. It sends a message, but I ask if that message will be a strong one. I don't think so. When we go on strike the workers and unions in this great nation of OURS have the chance for their VOICE to be heard right along with ours. If the truckers, dock workers and everyone else joins in and says that enough is enough, then our VOICE will be heard. In one week we can regain what we have lost over the years. Will the world listen? I would say "yes". Will our politicans, courts and coporations wake up to the FACT that WE THE WORKERS control this country when we unite? Again, I would have to answer "yes". We can get back on the right track and stop the RAPE on the workers and retirees of this great nation and we can do it in a very short period of time. Will we fight and stop this RAPE or will we roll over? We have the answer if we will unite. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. Have you had enough of this RAPE. Do you want to make history while preserving what we have worked for? Will you make this the BATTLE that is heard around the world? Will I now be a marked man for using my VOICE? History will tell. I have to stand up and be heard. What about you? History will tell. WE ARE THE WORKERS, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY WORKERS, LISTEN TO WHAT WE SAY OR THERE'LL BE HELL TO PAY.

                    In Solidarity
                    John Goschka
                    Local 699 Retiree