We are the workers

Good afternoon brothers and sisters, the true
hero's of the workers and retirees in this great
world that we live in.

We are the workers, the mighty, mighty workers.
Even though many of us are now retired, we are
still the workers. When we unite people or show
and explain to them the need for solidarity we lay
claim to "we are the workers". We have the vision
to see what is about to happen to all of us and
we don't like it one bit.

We become involved and try to inform others on
the grave consequences awaiting us if we do
nothing. Our visions allow us to become leaders
and tell the world and our fellow workers and
retirees the truths on what is happening and
what's going to happen to us in the not to
distant future unless we unite and stand in
solidarity to preserve what we have.

No one has any power unless we the people
allow it to happen. Our UAW IEB has no power
unless we allow them to have it. The same is
true for politicians. We the people allow them
to have that power. If we stand united, they
will soon lose their powers.

How can the UAW IEB protect and defend us
when they take jobs on the Big 3 boards?. It's
pure and simple, they can't. Greed and power
has taken over their lives. The conscience is
gone. The love of money has taken over their

Will we allow this to continue to happen? The
choice is ours. We are the workers and if we
stand in unity and solidarity, then we will take
back the power and turn this world around.

The sit down strikers in Flint in 1937 had true
solidarity. They fought and they won. That true
feeling of solidarity lasted for only a few years
and then they began to feel that something was
wrong. Greed and corruption began to enter into
that true solidarity. The pork choppers of that
time could see ways to fill their pockets with
the big $$$$$ and began to take full advantage
of it. Then politics and political parties were
handed our money to help the workers.

As you can see, we don't need that kind of help.
We need to help ourselves by uniting and kicking
all of those crooked bastards out of power. We are
the people and we have the power if we will but unite.

If the Flint sit down strikers were still working today
and enjoying?? the UAW IEB that we have today, I
really wonder if they would have taken over the factories
or our own Solidarity House. Which would they have
considered the most evil of the two? Just food for

I'm working to get more people involved in the mess
that we are facing today and am having some success
in getting retirees involved. It always seems that there
are key people that know a lot of other key people. These
are the people that we must focus on. They have good
ideas and great contacts. They seem to get the ball
rolling a lot faster than most people.

I brought along new people to the last Flint SOS meeting
and I will bring more new people to the next meeting. If
we all could take the time to do this, then we could expand
the movement real quickly. It will cost each and every one
of us time and money. Are we doing all that we can to
stop the RAPE? This effort costs us now, but it might
cost us more in the future if we don't really, really get
involved. The choice is ours. The time is short.

             In Solidarity
             John Goschka
             Local 699 Retiree