We are the Workers, The Mighty Mighty Workers

This is more of the story on who I am. I'm one voice and I'm no Daniel. I can't kill a lion with my bare hands. I'm no David who could kill the giant with the mighty sling. I'm just a retired worker with a voice.

I have more than my share of problems when using a computer. I'm known as a computer dummy. I bought many of the computer dummy books but I feel that I wasted my money. I figured that they were bigger dummies than I am because they didn't help. Most of the time when I write articles I will ask someone else to get them on the web for me. Then they won't get lost in computerland. I'm no typing whiz. I'm what is called a pecker. I use two fingers. I have a dictionary right beside so that I can spell most of the words correctly. I am one voice. I can't see you and you can't see me. I can't hear you and you can't hear me. You can read what I have to say. I can share my ideas and thoughts with you. But, I'm still only one voice.

GM/Delphi and our UAW International Executive Board laugh at me. I'm only one voice. If nine of you use your voice then we number 10. We will be scorned by GM/Delphi. If we are 100 voices we will be laughed at by GM/Delphi. If we are a 1,000 voices, we will get their attention. If we are 10,000 voices, I assure you that we will get their attention and they will be concerned.

Workers rule. Nothing in this country happens without workers. The companies can design it and make machines to build parts. But those designs and machines are worthless without the workers and their input on how to make the parts correctly so that the product that comes off the end of the line works as it was designed. Managers and engineers can't do this. They bring out the prints and machines but they just can't seem to get it right. I worked at GM/ Delphi for over 39 years and I never saw them get it right until the workers took over.

When the quality parts were in a finished product, that quality comes from the workers. GM/Delphi may lay claim to the product but the product is a part of you and me. We are the ones that redesigned it and made it work. They had the idea, but we made it work. Every time they take our product and move it overseas they are robbing us of what we put our blood, sweat and tears into. We took their ideas and made it work. They couldn't. They have an education, we have common sense. Find me a manager or engineer with an education and common sense and I want that person on my team. There are some but they are few and far between.

I am only one voice. Help me to build that voice to 10,000 voices before it is to late. Stand up and help me before we lose everything that we have ever worked for. Sitting back and watching is no answer. Once we lose it, it's gone.

We are the workers - the mighty workers. When we are 10,000 plus strong in number we will be able to say "listen to what we say or there'll be hell to pay". Stand up and be heard. Get involved. I can't win this BATTLE. I'm only one voice. 10, 100, 1,000 workers can't win this BATTLE. We are only human. 10,000 voices will be heard. We are the workers, the mighty mighty workers, listen to what we say or there'll be hell to pay. Help me save my dignity. Help me save what I have worked for. I need your voice. I need your involvement. I need your ideas. I can't see you and I can't hear you. I know that you are there and if I can be a pecker, you can be one also.
                In Solidarity
                John Goschka
                Local 699 retiree