Where from here?

Thank you for your words of wisdom Zwarich. Indeed,
this is a very frustrating war and it would be very easy
to throw in the towel and give up. As we have seen, it's
very hard to unite people to stop this RAPE, and the
divide and conquer tactics being used against these
workers makes the job much more difficult.

The fight will continue and eventually the workers and
retirees will stand and revolt. We have no idea how much
will be lost before this happens. One thing that we do
know for sure is that more and more people are beginning
to listen to the truth that we have been telling them. As
they see these truths unfold, the resistance will continue
to grow stronger.

The GM, Ford, and Chrysler employees and retirees now
know what's in store for them in the upcoming contract
negoations and beyond. They can see it just as plainly
as we see it. Will they be ready with a NO vote on the
new concessionary contract? This will remain to be seen.
We do know that the only thing that we can do at this
time is to inform and try to unite the people.

TRUTH is a mighty weapon. As the people see these truths,
their eyes begin to open and more of them will revolt. They
will become aware of the trickery and lies being fed to them.
When they understand that THEY are the union, then things
can begin to change. Hitler told a big lie and look what
happened. We are being told the big lie and we will have to
wait for the outcome of this big lie.

I have always said that Truth will prevail. We were fed lies
for many years so it's really hard for some people to see the
truth. As with Hitler, the big lie will come to light and more
battles will begin. There may be a lot more suffering before
the war is won, but the people will decide when the big
battle begins. We must all be ready for that big battle so
that the war can be won.