Workers of the world

My favorite phrase is that "I was asleep but now
I'm awake".  This is a very telling and powerful phrase
that I now have been awakened to and now must
act upon.

I can help to change the direction of the RAPE that
is happening to the workers and retirees all over
the world. I'm but one VOICE but my VOICE will
help to keep the worker and retiree VOICE alive.

I will no longer let someone else speak for me. I pay
union dues for union representation (I'm retired so
they will not hear my VOICE) (You're working and they
will not listen to your VOICE). I vote for politicans to
to represent me and they will no longer hear my VOICE.

When they will no longer listen to my VOICE, then I’m
compelled to make my VOICE heard. I will join the ranks
of the workers and retirees that SEE what is happening
in the world today.

I have but one VOICE. WE have many VOICES. WE will
not lay down and let our unions, courts, corporations and
politicans RAPE us of the very livilihoods that we have worked
for. WE will not let the VOICE die that has given us what we
have today.

Our brothers and sisters before us would be up in arms if
they saw what WE are allowing to happen in the world today.
They fought for what we enjoy today, and WE are rolling
over and just giving it back to corporations without a FIGHT.

What has happened to us? Why won't we FIGHT for what we
want and deserve? Why do we put our hopes in a concessionary
union that won't hear our VOICE? Will WE continue to roll
over and allow our VOICE to be suppressed? Do we like
giving back to the corporations? Will we ALL fight?

I keep hearing the voices of the weak who say "we can give
something back to the corporations and then everything
will be fine". That is a DEFEATIST attitude and I assure you
that it won't work. Concessions will lead to more consessions.

We have seen this and yet we won't believe it. We conceded
to health care cuts and then lost 30,000 more jobs. When will
we wake up and use our VOICE. When will we stand up and
FIGHT as our brothers and sisters before us did?

We don't have to lose anything from now on unless we want to.
I don't like to lose anything. Do you? You know as well as I do that
we will continue to lose until we FIGHT the FIGHT that must
be fought. What are we waiting for? More concessions? More
loss of jobs? Can't stand reality?

Your VOICE must be heard if we are going to put a stop to
this RAPE. WE ARE THE WORKERS. Nothing happens in the
world unless the workers make it happen. This is TRUTH.
The workers control the world if they WANT to. They can
make their collective VOICE heard.

Where do you stand? Do you want more concessions? Have
you had enough and are you ready to FIGHT? Are you
sleeping or are you awake? You have a VOICE, use it.

               In Solidarity
               John Goschka
               Local 699 Retiree