2011 Chrysler Contract

2011 Chrysler Contract Summary

Ford 2011 Contract and Highlights

GM 2011 Contract (Whitebook) and Highlights

GM 2011 Supplements

Read About The History of the UAW's Enforcers:  The Administrative Caucus
Here's How To Make A Motion At A Union Meeting
Department of Labor
Rules For Union Elections

Internal UAW Appeals
A manual for the use of members of the UAW in matters internal to it.  Starting and processing appeals

Retirees For Single Payer Healthcare  visit website

2009 UAW-Tentative Ford Modification Agreement--31 pgs.pdf (Rejected)
“Addendum”  2009 UAW-GM Modification Agreement--147 pgs. "The White Book".pdf

UAW/GM Joint Skilled Trades Conference (Interpretation of the 2009 National Agreement Modifications).pdf
UAW-Chrysler Settlement Agreement, 2009 Modifications.pdf

Full Ford Agreement-44pgs


OUTRAGEOUS!--The tentative concessions contract with Ford
American Axle Tentative Agreement 'Highlights'

AAM Full Contract.pdf
2008 CAW Highlights.pdf
Ford Contract
Ford Skilled Trades Agreement
Ford Highlights

Ford-UAW 2007 Lowlights
Chrysler Contract & Highlights
Bill Parkers Minority Report
Chrysler 2007 Lowlights

A Letter from your Skilled Trades Committeeman--Shawn Fain

The Whole Truth--S. Fain
UAW/GM Contract & Highlights


The Union Advantage

Trust for Sale: Just Sign the Dotted Line
The Delphi Contract 149 pages.pdf (1.7MB)

The Center for Labor Renewal.org

Forging a New Consciousness of Solidarity and Struggle
"Workers Rights are not defined by Law or Contract.  Workers Rights are defined by Struggle.  You will Win what you are willing to Fight for.   Nothing more."-- G. Shotwell

First they came for the Air Traffic Controllers, but since I was not one of them, it did not matter to me, and I did not defend them.

Then they came for the Meat Packers, but since I was not one of them, it did not matter to me, and I did not defend them.

Then they came for the Textile Workers, but since I was not one of them, it did not matter to me, and I did not defend them.

Then they came for the Steelworkers, but since I was not one of them, it did not matter to me, and I did not defend them.

Then they came for the workers at Bridgestone, Staley, and Caterpillar, but since I was not one of them, it did not matter to me, and I did not defend them.

They came for the airline workers, the newspaper workers, the tanners, weavers, truckers, railroad and industrial laborers of every sort, but since I was not one of them, it did not matter to me, and I did not defend them.

Then they came for me, and there was no one to defend me.

[ Concept attributed to Barry Heintz]

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Blue Collar Benefit Monitor
Blue Collar Benefit Monitor
Autoworkers helping each other
'2011 Auto Industry Union Contract Info'

'2009/10 Auto Industry Union Contract Info'
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"We the People are at war. We need to develop Soldiers, not career opportunists. It will take time and patience, there will be set backs and victories. Given time and effort, the law of multiplication will prevail. If one goes out and trains two soldiers; and they go out and do the same, and this continues, we will have our army. We the People are the Union."  -- Miguel X. Chavarria
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Soldiers of Solidarity "SOS "   "Where Information is Ammunition and Workers Fight to Win"
Unions and Immigrants and the Occupy Movement
By David Bacon

You know it is a bad contract...

Chrysler: Not As Poor As They Say!

UAW workers should envy Social Security raise


Ford CEO Alan Mulally fires UAW officials
“We pay these people to manage workers, not stir them up,” Mulally said with uncharacteristic venom.

Oh, Hell No!!

Does Bob King have a Political Agenda?

Spark at Ford Rouge, Dearborn, MI.

The “21st Century UAW” - Not the People who brought us the weekend

Please Help…

It is Time to Save OUR Jobs, Save OUR Plant and Remember Who We Are!

The Hidden Plan in UAW-GM Negotiations

Updates from Walkowicz
Do they think we forgot why we voted NO in 2009?

Ford contract would make concessions permanent!


They’re Holding Our Grievance Money Hostage

If we don’t get rid of 2-tier,  we will all be 2nd tier one day.

We have to make this a real strike vote!

No Wage Increase Means A Wage Cut
pdf version


The Spark -- GM Contract Roadmap to Poverty (Editorial)

Dodge Truck Spark -- The GM pattern contract is going to mean four more years of all the problems we have now.

GM, UAW agree to tackle pension shortfall
--Reuters--"The parties agreed that the national parties may mutually agree during the term of this agreement to amend the plan to add retirement options for some or all existing retirees,"

Latest GM Con Looks a Lot like a Vega

Autoworker Caravan

Double Agents and 2011 UAW Contracts

RETIREE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO DE-RISK UAW-GM PENSION PLAN. . . . . . the “parties” have given themselves legal cover “to amend the Plan” during “the term of this Agreement.”.  .  .  .click here to read more

GM took the workers’ money and doesn’t want to give it back. They want to make the concessions permanent.
............NO raises, NO COLA, NO performance bonuses, NO Christmas bonuses, NO Easter Monday holiday, NO overtime after 8 hours, NO return of lost break time. NO end to skilled trades consolidation. Everything the workers wanted back, GM said “NO, NO, NO.” ............Click to read more

Is the Tentative Agreement a Win-Win?

UAW Cons Workers at Former Delphi Plants

Social Security Age Creep and UAW-GM Contracts

Who Killed Private Pensions?

The theft of the American pension

The Dignity Vote


Exceed our Expectations

GM aims to move pension risk off table, Girsky says

Why are UAW raises out of the question?
Automotive News

UAW claim of a Ford double standard could snarl auto talks


Will Auto’s Three-Tier Wages Be on the Table?


The three articles below detail how UAW-GM plans to build small cars profitably in the US relies on expanded two-tier,  in plant subcontractors, team leaders acting as supervisors, and last but not least, a plant in Mexico building the same product so as to leverage competition between workers and drive wages down further.

How a small car is helping rewrite labor costs in a U.S. plant. . . . . . . . . Are they really going to outsource the kitting jobs??

Orion plant's new wrinkle: UAW leaders will evaluate team members . . . . . . . . . . .Team Leaders will be supervisors? . . . . Really?

GM plant in Mexico will build Sonics starting in mid-2012

Fight Back For Our Future! flyer in pdf

What concessions did for IUE at GM

Workers at GM supplier take strike vote at Chevy Sonic plant

Protest the cuts to the Grand Rapids Veterans Home on July 6

"Bob King's Bold New Strategies" read article

Drum Roll for a Social Movement

"Is Wisconsin America's Egypt? 15,000 Protest Right-Wing Governor's Policies"  read article

"Union Busting Gov. Scott Walker Hurting Wisconsin" read article

Ryder Truck Driver's Website visit

New Sentences For ex-UAW Officials Douglas & Campbell  read article

Salaried Bonuses Ready-made For UAW Bulletin Boards   read article

"Is America The Sick Man of The Globe?"  read article

Lake Orion News
Lake Orion Worker's Website:
Updates And Info About NLRB Case, etc.
visit website

Orion Shopfloor Newsletter:
"We Are Under Attack!"
Info on NLRB Charges, 5960 Meeting Nov. 7, Informational Picket Nov. 8

SOS Bulletin #15 "Double Crossed At GM Lake Orion"  pdf

SOS Bulletin #16 "Justice Denied At Lake Orion" pdf

Labor Notes Article:  "No Vote Allowed On Half Wages"

Rally To End Two Tier/Lake Orion Stand On Solidarity
October 16

- Rally Video #1

- Rally Video #2

- Read Letters of International Solidarity From Canada And Brazil In Support Of Lake Orion Workers.

Petition Drive To End Two Tier!
Print and get signatures of active and retired UAW.  Which local will collect more.  (The one in the lead has over 1000.)  Take A Stand On This Civil Rights Issue. (pdf)

Flier To End Two Tier:
"We Will Defend Our Civil Rights!"

Open Letter To Bob King From Orion Worker

Article:  When Work Is Valued, We All Prosper

Labor Trouble At Cruze Plant And GM Indianapolis A Sign Of Deeper Discontent

Recent Struggle: Local 23

Please Read:

The Choice Is Ours

Region 3 Stand On Solidarity Rally

Watch Video:  "Local 23 Throws Int'l Out"

SOS Defined
SOS is workers exerting power through direct action on the shopfloor and in the union hall. SOS coalesces around actions that empower rank and file members to resist concessions, to control the conditions of our labor, to fight back against the corporate attack on the working class, and throw the yoke of company unionism off our necks.
    SOS is the voice of the rank and file, a bullhorn for our anger. SOS
does not want to replace one hierarchy with another hierarchy. We want to dump the hierarchy on its pointed little head. Real unionism springs from the bottom up, it dies from the top down.      
    SOS is marshaled horizontally across the shopfloor and between plants in a network as wide and open as our ranks. SOS isn’t an ideology, it’s concerted activity.
SOS is a Sign Of Solidarity.  
    A lot of workers are sitting on the fence. When the company breaks the contract there isn’t a fence to sit on. The choice isn’t easy, but it is
simple — fight or get screwed.
    The Concession Caucus doesn’t see an alternative to concessions. SOS
does see an alternative — ACT LIKE A UNION. Take a Stand On Solidarity.
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Labor has a Legitimate Lien on Capital

When Steve Miller, the vulture capitalist who drove Delphi into the ditch of America’s dreams, declared, “Bankruptcy is a growth industry,” he was smiling, but he wasn’t joking.

Bankruptcy in the US isn’t a sign of economic distress or mismanagement, it’s a business plan: calculated, cunning, and void of redeeming social value. American Airlines is the latest in a long line of financial obscenities that make vulture capitalists salivate.

If we had a president we could believe in, he would not only call out the National Guard to protect the Constitutional rights of citizens at Occupy protests, he would defend the vested benefits earned by workers with the full moral and institutional authority of his office. It won't happen.

We must cease and desist from unrealistic expectations and mount our own counteroffensive. US courts routinely aid and abet the extortion of workers and the plunder of pension plans. Capitalism isn’t above the law in the United States, it is the law. Peace and solidarity activists are hounded, harassed, and arrested but the forcible transfer of wealth from the working class to the investing class is protected concerted activity.

American Airlines’ debt doesn’t outweigh it’s cash and assets. In fact, American Airlines is financing its own bankruptcy. That’s not distress, it’s brass knuckle union busting. The business press makes no bones about American Airlines' plan to profit off the broken backs of labor contracts. In fact, they crow about it. 

American Airlines ordered 460 new planes from Boeing and Airbus less than five months ago at a cost of $38 billion. Those contracts will be honored even as American Airlines plans to dump pensions underfunded by about $10 billion for approximately 130,000 workers and retirees.

American Airlines doesn’t pretend to offer a business plan that promises better management. The only benefits American Airlines purports to extract from bankruptcy are pension evasion, and concessions from unions facing a court ordered firing squad.

The crib notes for this business plan read: bankruptcy = profit. The longhand reveals the moral compunction of a crocodile.

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp [PBGC] estimates that a default at American Airlines could be the largest in US history. The PBGC itself is teetering on the edge of insolvency. In 2004 a report by the Center on Federal Financial Institutions said the PBGC "is insolvent on the basis of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and would be shut down if it were a private insurer."

That was before the PBGC absorbed $6.2 billion in pension obligations from Delphi.

US bankruptcy courts protect the assets of US corporations invested outside the United States from creditors. You can bet your mother's paycheck American Airlines' parent company, AMR Corp., has cash and assets stashed in ports all over the world.

Labor has a legitimate lien on Capital. A pension isn’t an entitlement, an investment, or a gamble, it’s earned with hard steadfast work. 

A company that cancels its pension obligations should not be permitted to profit from the trade off. The trend toward bankruptcy as a growth industry in the United States is a clear indication that we aren’t in a recession. We are experiencing a restructuring at the expense of everyone who works for a living.

We won’t win this struggle in court. The operable word for rank and file workers isn’t competition, concession, or compromise. The operable word is "Occupy."

Bankruptcy at American Airlines shouldn’t be allowed to fly.

sos, Gregg Shotwell

The Gift of the True Organizer

In 2003 when I was researching work to rule —a process by which workers slow down production, drive up costs, and thereby leverage negotiations— I called Dave Yettaw. Dave, a retired auto worker and former president from Flint UAW Local 599 was an old hand and a trusted advisor. Dave told me that I should call Jerry Tucker which to me was like saying, 'If you want to learn about song writing you should call Bob Dylan.' 

Jerry Tucker was the most notorious living organizer of work to rule actions in the United States. The 1991 version of A Troublemakers' Handbook by Dan LaBotz included a chapter which described Tucker's success with work to rule techniques at four different companies. Tucker was using work to rule to negotiate gains for workers at a time when the UAW was rolling backwards faster than a gerbil wheel.

Dave gave me Jerry's number. I got up the nerve to call and Jerry generously gave me a personal tutorial. It was the beginning of a friendship I will always treasure.

In the worst of times Jerry was there for me. I am not alone in this regard. That’s who he was. Jerry never told me what to do, but after talking with him I felt I knew what I had to do next. That’s the gift of a true organizer. It's because of such gifts that organizing will never die.

Jerry Tucker passed away October 19, 2012. When I got the call I expected to hear Jerry's voice. I am not ashamed to say that when his daughter Tracy told me the news I dropped to my knees and cried. I am not used to feeling so vulnerable. Even in death he had another lesson for me. Whatever strength I may possess is dependent on other people.

Jerry's passion for organizing was driven by his love and respect for fellow workers. If he was in it for the money, he would have kept his mouth shut. In 1986 when UAW members —frustrated by concession contracts, union cooperation with management, and lackluster leadership— asked Tucker to run for Regional Director in upcoming union elections, Jerry understood the personal risks.

A challenge to the reigning director could cost him his career in the UAW, lucrative salary and benefits, and a cushy retirement. At the time Tucker was the assistant Regional Director. If he followed protocol, he would inherit the position. Given his talents and experience, it was likely he could expect further advancement in the bureaucratic hierarchy.  Protocol was the safe bet.

Tucker weighed the risk and came down on the side of his principles. It was, he told me, the choice he could live with. Fortunately, his wife Elaine is a woman who could live with a man most mothers of three children would call reckless and foolish. Without Elaine Jerry Tucker wouldn't amount to a footnote and Jerry was the first to admit it.

Tucker won the election after a federal court ordered a rerun based on evidence of the ruling administration's shenanigans. The victory cost him his career in the UAW but not his vocation as an organizer or his reputation. He went on to organize union struggles such as Stalely, a corn processing plant in Decatur, Illinois, where a sugar conglomerate, Tate & Lyle, was determined to break the union. 

Tucker charged the members of the local union at Staley a hundred dollars for each day he spent on location. All expenses were on his own dime. Decatur is 120 miles from Jerry's home in St. Louis. I think it's fair to say it was a labor of love without mitigating the biblical weight of the phrase. He drove that long, hard road for forty months and left behind a struggle that organizers will draw lessons from for decades.

One of the hallmark's of Tucker's leadership in the UAW was the New Directions Movement. He was in his own words one of many cofounders of the New Directions Movement. Of the many he was the most prominent and the one who paid the heaviest price for challenging the UAW hierarchy's backflip into corporate model unionism.

Jerry Tucker was a tower of conviction, a welder's jewel of commitment, and a man whose charisma was grounded in humility. He began with the premise that the rank and file knew the answers, not him.

Like many who knew him I felt that Jerry Tucker was a great man. I didn't feel that I deserved his attention yet he always treated me as if my needs were more important than his time. He conferred his dignity upon me and I left our conversation a better, stronger person. I am not unique. Jerry treated every working person with the same regard. Such is the gift of the true organizer. He uncovered leaders among the followers.

May his wife, Elaine, his daughters, Nicole, Tracy, and Cynthia, and all of us who follow in his footsteps forever remember his most constant invocation, "Carry on! Carry on!"

Gregg Shotwell
retired autoworker and author of Autoworkers Under the Gun (Haymarket Press)